Aug 2 – 6, 2021
Europe/Brussels timezone

Determination of α(Mz) from a hyperasymptotic approximation to the energy of a static quark-antiquark pair

Aug 3, 2021, 9:20 AM


Parallel contribution C: Heavy quarks Parallels Track C


Mr Xabier Lobregat


We give the hyperasymptotic expansion of the energy of a static quark-antiquark pair with a precision that includes the effects of the subleading renormalon. The terminants associated to the first and second renormalon are incorporated in the analysis when necessary. In particular, we determine the normalization of the leading renormalon of the force and, consequently, of the subleading renormalon of the static potential. We obtain $Z_3^F(n_{f}= 3) = 2Z_3^V(n_{f}​ = 3) = 0.37(17)$. The precision we reach in strict perturbation theory is next-to-next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic resummed order both for the static potential and for the force. We find that the resummation of large logarithms and the inclusion of the leading terminants associated to the renormalons are compulsory to get accurate determinations of ${\Lambda}_{\overline{\mathrm{MS}}}$​ when fitting to short-distance lattice data of the static energy. We obtain ${\Lambda}_{\overline{\mathrm{MS}}}^{\left({n}_f=3\right)}= 338(12)$ MeV and $\alpha(M_{z}​) = 0.1181(9)$. We have also found strong consistency checks that the ultrasoft correction to the static energy can be computed at weak coupling in the energy range we have studied.

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