Faggruppemøte for subatomær fysikk og astrofysikk

University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger

Alexander Rothkopf (UiS TN IMF), Anders Tranberg (UiS - TN - IMF), Håvard Helstrup (Høgskulen på Vestlandet)

The main purpose of this topical section meeting is to bring together young researchers within the fields of subatomic-, medical- and astrophysics. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment, where each participant can present their current work and get an update on what others within the community in Norway are working on.

All participants (master-students, PhD-students and Postdocs) are highly encouraged to give a presentation of 20-25 minutes about their work. 

During the conference there will be a common lunch on Friday and Saturday, in addition we will have dinner together on the evenings of Thursday and Friday. This provides an excellent opportunity for networking with other students, researchers and scientific staff within the field. There is no conference fee.

We encourage you to register for the conference and submit a short abstract/summary of your presentation before the 30th of April 2021. Please remember to inform us about any food allergies or other special requirements at the time of registration.

The local organizers are looking forward to welcoming you all to Stavanger!

Alexander Rothkopf,
Anders Tranberg

Subgroup meeting
  • Adam Takacs
  • Aleksi Kurkela
  • Alex Nielsen
  • Alexander Rothkopf
  • Anders Kvellestad
  • Are Raklev
  • David McNutt
  • Eirik Eik Svanes
  • Gaurang Parkar
  • Georgios Filios
  • Germano Nardini
  • Hans Winther
  • Helena Kolesova
  • Håvard Helstrup
  • Ingrid McKibben Lofnes
  • Ismael Ferrero
  • Johannes Hamre Isaksen
  • Jonas El Gammal
  • Jonas Tjemsland
  • Karanvir Singh
  • Magdalena Eriksson
  • Paolo Marcoccia
  • Per Osland
  • Renate Mauland-Hus
  • Simon Huiberts
  • Stian Hartman
  • sunniva siem
  • Tomas Brauner
  • Vegard Undheim
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