Jun 5 – 9, 2023
University of Stavanger
Europe/Oslo timezone

Leisure and touristic activities

We suggest to do one of the hikes from Dale on Friday afternoon. We can meet at 12:50 in front of auditorium 2 (where the plenary sessions take place), take the bus X60 at 12:59 from the bus stop "UiS ved Kjell Arholms hus" and then change for bus 29 in Sandnes (standard 1-day or 7-day bus ticket is enough for this trip). See the possibilities for hikes from Dale below (by default, we suggest to do the hike to Dalsnuten which takes about 3 hours). The buses back to Sandnes go at 15:55, 16:55, 17:55 or 19:55. There is no option to buy food or drinks in Dale, so we recommend to equip yourself before the trip! Feel free to contact Helena (helena.kolesova(at)uis.no) if there are any questions!

Here we propose some less-known outdoor options in the Stavanger area. For the most popular options, see e.g. TripAdvisor.

In general, suggestions for hikes can be found at Norwegian portal ut.no. Schedules of the public transport (trains, buses, boats) can be found at kolumbus.no. Some of the participants may have a 7-day 1-zone ticket (300 NOK) for commuting between Stavanger city center and workshop venue, this ticket is sufficient for the trips below unless stated otherwise. In case you don't have a 7-day ticket, it is also possible to buy a 24-hour ticket for public transport (85 NOK).

Some of the half-day trips can be organized on Monday morning/Friday afternoon or one of the easy walks can be done during one of the lunch breaks. Please contact Helena Kolesova (helena.kolesova(at)uis.no) if you are interested.

Otherwise, we expect groups of participants to self-organize, and we are happy to help them with further tips or clarifications.

Walks doable in the evening/during lunch break

  • Ulandhaug tower through Stavanger botanical garden (Google maps) - about one hour roundtrip from the workshop venue
  • Sverd i fjell monument (Three swords - Wikipedia, Google maps) - about one hour roundtrip from the workshop venue (can be prolonged by a walk along the coast of Hafrsfjord - part of the loop described here).

Half-day trips

Trips with starting point at bus stop Dale (Sandnes):

  • Dalsnuten (323 m) - peak with a view on Stavanger and Gandafjord. Suggestion of a loop cca 3 hours: mapy.cz (different alternative + description including pictures: ut.no). The bus connection allows for doing this trip on Monday morning/Friday afternoon.
  • Dalestranden (Google maps) - easy walk along the fjord to a beach: one-hour loop mapy.cz.
  • Lifjell (260 m) - peak with a view on Stavanger and Gandafjord. Shortest possibility: about 4 hours a roundtrip (mapy.cz), longer loop: about 5 hours (ut.no - including pictures).

Trips by boat nr. 800 (part of public transport) from Stavanger city center (Firskepirterminalen):

  • By boat to Hommersak ferjekai, about 2 hours hike to Flataberget (236 m, ut.no)
  • By boat to Usken ferjekai/Uskakalven hurtigbatkai, easy 3km walk across the island Usken (mapy.cz)

Trips by train - 2-zone 24-hour ticket (135 NOK) needed:

  • By train to Ogna/Brusand (1 hour from Stavanger city center), 2 hour walk along the coast: ut.no
  • By train to Sirevag, easy walk to a site with bunkers from WWII: ut.no (can be combined with the trip above)

Day trips

Trips to "Preikestolen" (Google maps)

  • For organized trips see TripAdvisor
  • There is an Express bus to Preikestolen parking - can be booked here (450 NOK/roundtrip). From this parking it's 8 km to Preikestolen and back.
  • Cheaper, but longer option: by public transport to bus stop Botne (Strand) - 2-zone 24-hour ticket needed (135 NOK) - round trip 16 km (mapy.cz

Public transport boat to Lysefjord (not operating on Saturdays, has to be booked in advance through kolumbus.no!!!)

  • By boat to Florli, hike on 4444 steps built for an old water power plant with beautiful views on the fjord (ut.no
  • By boat to Bratteli, (relatively long and challenging) hike to Preikestolen (mapy.cz , ut.no) - can be perhaps combined with the bus option above for the way back to Stavanger

Don't hesitate to contact Helena Kolesova (helena.kolesova(at)uis.no) for further tips or clarifications!